Vistas Veracruz Ecotours is based at El Retoño Ecolodge in Coatepec,
in the cool, mountainous heights of central Veracruz, Mexico.
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ecolodge coatepecbridgeEl Retoño Ecolodge sits in the middle of a beautiful natural setting and our goal is to maintain this setting and increase the opportunities for local people to earn a decent living though sustainable tourism rather than through the destruction via agriculture of this pristine area.

The heavy damage to the environment caused by the over-development of other coastal and mountain areas of Mexico has not yet happened in the state of Veracruz. Up to now the majority of tourists have been select groups of Mexican nationals who come for the nature and outdoor activities found here.

Vistas Veracruz Ecotours is working with the local community and universities to protect the abundance of plant and wildlife that surround us. We hope to provide opportunities for exchanges with university professionals and interns who may want to come to the region for an extended period of research. We are drawing upon the knowledge of our dedicated staff to identify the plants found on the grounds and to develop educational programs for interested groups.

Vistas Veracruz Ecotours is based out of El Retoño Ecolodge and welcomes small groups of visitors who would like to explore this rich biodiverse area. To that end, various ecotours have been designed and planned. We look forward to you coming down to join us!

What is Ecotourism?

vistas logoAccording to the Quebec Declaration on Ecotourism:
"Ecotourism embraces the principles of sustainable tourism...and the following principles which distinguish it from the wider concept of sustainable tourism:
• Contributes actively to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage,
• Includes local and indigenous communities in its planning, development and operation, contributing to their well-being,
• Interprets the natural and cultural heritage- of the destination to visitor,
• Lends itself better to independent travelers, as well as to organized tours for small size groups".

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El Retoño Ecolodge was built with the foregoing principles in mind. Planning took into consideration the strategic placing of buildings to avoid cutting down any trees, the recycling of all water, low energy consumption and the use of local materials whenever possible.

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